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 bitchdontkillmyviiiibe said: "ya about the haloween question, kylie and her friends all dressed up as vampires"

They only had fake vampire fangs. 

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 couldbeny said: "Can you tell me what songs has Kylie on her Tumblr?"

No, sorry. x

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 luxe-vite said: "Hey! Do you know what hair colour Kylie's hair is? Like right now? Thank you ! It looks ombre'd but im not sure :)"

It’s back to brown, I think. :) 

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Hey Guys! I wont be posting anymore on this blog. BUT, you can find me at KENDALLJFACTS.TUMBLR.COM. You can still ask me questions & I’ll go answer them. I don’t have much time to update on all of my blogs so I have to give up this one. Sorry.  


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 foreveryolo-er said: "Kylie dress up for halloween? what she was?"

I don’t think she dressed up for this year actually  She hanged out with her friends. :)

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 supra-swaaag said: "Is kylie a belieber?"

Yes. Both Kendall & Kylie are.

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